Configure persistent xDSL settings on VMG4005-B50B

I need to configure an ADSL connection to use Annex L on both lines on a VMG4005-B50B.  Right now, using `xdslctl configure -mod e` I can configure line 0 to use RE-ADSL2 Annex L, but the setting does not apply to line 1 and is reset on reboot.

How can I make this setting persistent and apply to both lines?

Unfortunately, I find myself needing to do this for two reasons:
  1. I'm at about 6.5 km from the DSLAM, but the modem keeps negotiating for ADSL2+ (Annex A), leading to unstable connections (when noise is bad)
  2. When noise gets bad, it tries to resync and gets a connection for Annex L.  The connection generally resyncs again shortly after going back up to Annex A, which innevitably resyncs again to Annex L.
I figure if I can force it into Annex L all the time I think I can avoid the persistent resyncing.  Because of my distance, my ISP only offers me 3.5/0.9 mbps on this connection, so staying in Annex L won't be a problem because of speed.  In fact, because I really only care about reliability, forcing the modem into Annex L will hopefully be a more stable connection.

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    Oh, maybe more to the point: is there a CLI reference manual for the VMG4005?  I don't really even need regular system access (via bash/sh or anything else, nor elevated user permissions from root, etc...).  Just information regarding how to use Zyxel's CLI/ZySH would be great.

    I should add that I've already done a lot of googling, but maybe someone knows of some resources somewhere that I don't... 😉

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