How to TURN OFF a USG Flex 700 via Nebula

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Gee, I hate to keep bugging you guys but I do search for an answer first b4 coming here.

I have always read about ZyXEL routers that you don't want to just unplug them or turn them off but log into them and power them down through the software. So my questions is, how do we do that through Nebula or do we have to log into the unit directly?

Of course the other option is to just pull the plug which I suspect a lot of us do.



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    Hi @ivessm,

    USG FLEX will be full-controlled by Nebula CC in cloud mode.
    Nebula CC supports to reboot USG FLEX not turn off the device currently.
    If you would like to turn off USG FLEX, you may unplug the power physically.


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