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Hoygen83 Posts: 13  Freshman Member
I have an usg1100 that is not updating firmware.
It shows an error when updating, "device ha firmware update is in progress..." and then "Detect Device HA passive fail."
I would like to fix the fact that the passive fail but I am not the one that implemented that firewall.
Reading here: it seems that If i connect an rj45 cable from port 8 (ge8) of the active device to port 8 (ge8) of the passive device It should bring up high availability again. Is that correct?
Watching this screen capture from the active device, it also seems that the high availability has never been implemented, or that currently the passive device is unplugged, am I correct?

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  • Zyxel_Can
    Zyxel_Can Posts: 239  Zyxel Employee

    Hi @Hoygen83,


    Can you try to update devices firmware one by one without set up before configuring Device HA environment and make sure partitions run same firmware version?


    You need to connect 2 USG1100’s Port 8 to each other for HA setup.

    Also if your setup is successful you have to see your Passive Device’s information in the Passive Device Status menu.


    Please find attached file as reference for HA configuration.
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