Switch Settings Clone Tool destinations greyed out.

grnerd Posts: 1
I am trying to clone the switch configuration from one switch to another, both the same model. I can select the source switch, but when I try to choose the destination switch, they are all greyed out. What am I doing wrong?

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  • Zyxel_Albert
    Zyxel_Albert Posts: 33  Zyxel Employee
    Hi @grnerd,
    Only if the source switch and the destination switch are same model(not same series) it should work. If you've checked the model and still not work on your site please contact local support. Will need some org. information to check the problem.

  • Nebula_Chris
    Nebula_Chris Posts: 374  Zyxel Employee
    G'day, I have reply you on ticket channel, since you have bind this site to the template therefore you cannot clone other switch setting to this device.

  • Nebula_Chris
    Nebula_Chris Posts: 374  Zyxel Employee
    Update to every one, this case has been resolved in ticket channel.
    If you put the site into the template then you cannot clone the switch setting to this site, since the template has it's own switch profile to follow.
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