NWA1123-ACv2 only 100mb download

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hi to all! I connected my NWA1123-ACv2 to the lan port  of the Vodafone Station fiber router which, with its Wi-Fi I have a download at 700mb. I connected my nobula but more than 80mega does not arrive. I tried to test the cable and the port and connecting a PC and the download is at 700mb. I read that this access point has a gigabit port, why do you think it doesn't go beyond 80mb in download? Thank you very much and sorry for my English.

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    Hi @Valerio

    We suggest to use iPerf to do the performance test because we did not know what the calculate method of each testing website. Attach the SOP here. iPerf can eliminate outside affects and get the internal pure test result. The performance might be half of the link rate because the airtime is shared. We have Tx and Rx packet in the air. When you are testing, please ensure there is only one station connect to 5G, no legency stations.
    Please let me know your link rate and the test result.


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