VMG1312-B10D wake on lan?

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I have the VMG1312-B10D as my home router. I definitely don't want to replace it with anything newer since it works more than fine for what I need.
However, I have a special need. Due to poor electricity network in my area, UPS is not able to keep my home server up and running for the whole power-out duration. Unfortunately, the MB/PSU combination is not working with the "Power On upon power restore" option.
So, I need a way to use the Wake On Lan. Does anyone have an idea how to schedule (crontab style) in the router a WOL signal to my PC?

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    Hello Peter,

    The information in section 8.7 of the user guide at  ftp://ftp.zyxel.com/VMG1312-B10D/user_guide/VMG1312-B10D_V5.13_5.50.pdf might help you.

    If your server is getting its IP address automatically by DHCP, then you might need to enter the burnt in MAC address manually instead.

    I do not work for Zyxel and I have not tried this, but I hope that it works for you.

    I have also had power cuts recently, so have my Zyxel router (also VMG1312-B10D) on a battery backup since Friday.

    Kind regards,

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