Seriously, your ideas could be new feature for Nebula!

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Hello Nebula Forum Members,

Do you have moments that if your own thoughts or ideas can make better experience when using Nebula?

<3 We can make your wish come true! <3

Simply start a new post here describing your fabulous ideas for features or services you wish to have!

Once your ideas get lots of vote  , we will give it to our product developers to have them evaluated and tell you the feedback!

Sounds cool?

Give Likes and Try it Now!


  • Pook
    Pook Posts: 85  Ally Member
    Please make it Possible to change WAN interface names On USG-Flex firewalls. Drives me crazy lol
  • Pook
    Pook Posts: 85  Ally Member
    Allow ZTP fuction to specify desired port for WAN setup. For example I deploy to our workshop LAN on DHCP so WAN2 (P1 On Flex100) so we can run updates and soak test. Then when ready I can configure WAN1 for the deployment site.
  • Pook
    Pook Posts: 85  Ally Member
    How about a ICS outlook file for Nebula License reminders?
  • Zyxel_Jason
    Zyxel_Jason Posts: 369  Master Member
    Hi @Pook,

    If you would like to share ideas that hope to implement on Nebula in the future, please create new idea post in Idea section, so other users can vote for your post if they agree with your idea.

    Thanks for your cooperation.

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