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I have one NWA1123acv2 in root ap mode and one NWA1123acv3. 
I can't figure out how to make the repeater mode working in standalone mode.

The WDS profile on each ap is the same (SSID and password). 
Impossible to have a WDS connection established between my 2 AP.

Root AP :

Even if I put the mac adress of the root ap on the repeater AP -> NO CONNECTION

Is it because acv2 and acv3 are not compatible ?

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  • Julien69
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    As often, I will answer my own question. The problem was the firmware. You must have the same version of the firmware to make ap links together. 
    So I updated the firmware to the last version on the acv2 and all is working like a charm.

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    Hi @Julien69,


    Welcome to Zyxel Community!

    Don’t worry! NWA1123ACv2 can build WDS with NWA1123ACv3.

    The screenshot you post is telling the MAC address of your APs so I erase it to ensure security.

    From your description, the first step to configure the WDS is done by creating WDS profile on each AP with same SSID and password.


    Step 2 is to select Radio OP Mode and apply the WDS profile to radio settings at Configuration > AP Management > WLAN Setting. Noted that repeater can only applied to one radio.

    Root AP


    Repeater AP

    APs will auto find each other to build up WDS. You can check at Monitor > Wireless > WDS Link Info.

    Root AP will display the downlink AP information.


    Repeater AP will display the uplink AP information.

    Hope it can help you to finish the settings.

    Thank you




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