ARMOR G5 another bug: 2 VPN together?!? no?

Scorpione Posts: 32  Freshman Member
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Is it possible to have two vpn at the same time? There're so many bugs, I need to have two VPN at the same time (not first or second but both).
On lan 1 vpn1
On lan 2, wifi........ vpn2

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  • PeterUK
    PeterUK Posts: 1,343  Guru Member
    I'm going to say you can only have one VPN enabled at a time...
  • Scorpione
    Scorpione Posts: 32  Freshman Member
    Yes i see but is more nice using for example: vpn1 "LAN" USA, vpn2 "Wifi" JAP or make a white list for exclude some website that need a local localization as Dazn, netflix....
    Every time for streaming i must:
    -To make off all the vpn in Armor's setting or
    -Lan "on" and wifi "off" and to see the straming from wifi
  • Zyxel_Jerry
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    Hi @Scorpione

    On current design, we do not support building up multiple VPN tunnels at the same time.

    Thanks for your suggestion,

    We will add this to the idea section and evaluate the enhancement of possibilities.


  • Scorpione
    Scorpione Posts: 32  Freshman Member
    Yes i know the structure of a VPN, actually one example config with check on:
    Lan1, Lan2, Lan3 and wifi 2.4 are VPN ON (IP masked india)
    and Lan4 and wifi 5 VPN OFF (IP real real uk)
    This situation have 2 external IP
    In same time enabling a second VPN "Jap" config you can do for Lan4 and wifi5 ON mode
    Is not impossible use a internal IP for 2 different external IP (one Nas dualcore can do it with 2 different ports)
    The primary skill of Armor G5 is powerfull 4 core + vpn client slim vpn aggregation....
    Please reveal the potentialities

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