[NEBULA] How to risolve the problem with CLI error sh: ifconfig: not found

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I’m using AMG1312-T10B, AMG1202-T10B, AMG1302-T11C and I want to manage them with ssh. I am able to change the password of WIFI with CLI command: wlancmd pskkey set -i 0 ***** and it works. But when I want to turn off the WiFi with command wlancmd up -i 1 it gives me the error: sh: ifconfig: not found. How can I fix it. Thanks.

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    Hi there @desman ,
    Welcome to the forum.
    This CLI is not supported , if you wish configure the password please do so with the GUI.

    As a notice, for the AMG products we have the Home Forum "https://homeforum.zyxel.com" whereas it is more likely to find discussions and FAQs regarding this product series.
    Hope this helps!


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