LAN Management of VMG4005-B50A

I have a VMG4005-B50A in bridge mode. On starting the bridge with the router I cannot access anymore the management interface of the VMG from the LAN. My idea was to use two different tagged VLAN on the LAN link. One for the bridge and one the management interface. I tried by using the vlang groups but without success. And in reality the configuration of the VMG become corrupted... I it possible doing what I would like to do? Any alternative?


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  • SEJ24
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    If the VMG4005 was set as a bridge, the LAN PC needs to set the static IP address. 
    For the VALN tags on the LAN port, the LAN port should support un-tagged packets.
    The VLAN group is for the traffic inside the router/bridge.
    This is my understanding.

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