[XGS1930] Full CLI access?

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I´d like to get full CLI access on my XGS1930 switch with firmware V4.70(ABHS.1) and local management. Currently if I log with my admin credentials I can only e.g. "show running", but I´m not able to change anything, e.g. "configure terminal" is no possible.

I searched the GUI but haven´t found anything usefull. Is it even possible?


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    Hi @MichaelB

    XGS1930 is a web-managed switch. It only supports web configuration.
    The CLI only allow you to use the "show" command to check switch statistics and table, like: show running-config, show mac address-table all, show interfaces status, etc...

    Reminder: You may use "show ?" to display all commands which can be use with show.