Wanting to write a script for easily turning on and off a firewallrule


For a client of mine I have implemented a ZyXEL Flex 200. There is an extra VLAN created for a separate network which normally is not allowed on the internet. So I created a rule WAN to LAN1 with member VLAN set to deny. Until today both networks were completely separated without VLAN. But with the need of accessing a VM on both networks, I had to connect both networks with a VLAN.
However, sometimes for external support on his machines this client needs to enable the internet. Until today it was easy. When the cliënt wanted internet, he simply plugged a network cable in LAN2 interface of the zywall.
So what I want to try now, is to create a script that the client simply has to click on(from his own pc) to turn on and off this rule.
I already experimented with putty and found the necessary CLI commands, but now I'm stuck on how to go further. Anyone put this in a script yet? In Putty these are the commands I use:

login as: admin

Keyboard-interactive authentication prompts from server:

| Password:

End of keyboard-interactive prompts from server

Bad terminal type: "xterm". Will assume vt100.

Router> configure terminal

Router(config)# secure-policy 1

Router(secure-policy)# activate

Router(secure-policy)# exit


Tried as suggested to put this in a txt file, but I keep getting stuck after entering the password, I get error that the session does not exist.

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    Hi. You can do this via plink https://putty.org.ru/download.html software.
    simply create a bat.file, with same content
    echo y|plink.exe -ssh -l admin -pw Password "exit" - that need for auto accept ssh public key. that command can be missed, if you accept manually piblic key
    plink.exe -ssh -l admin -pw Password < command.txt - that apply command file.
    Your command file must see like
    configure terminal
    secure-policy 1

    With blank line in the end for plink complete logout.

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    Welcome to the Zyxel community. B)
    You can refer to the link below to perform one click action via script.
    But it may have security risk if you provide a script to external support. Because firewall login credentials are stored in plain text . We strongly recommend adjusting firewall rules dynamically based on maintenance requests.
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    Thanks sharing this information. This tool is awesome and easy to use. :)
    You can refer to attached file to run script.

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