Why VGM3927 does not work as well as VGM1312?



I used a Zyxel VMG 1312 DSL (Download 15 Mbs / sec) internet connection. I renewed my contract with Orange for Dawnload 50Mb / sec. With the VGM 1312 router, I measured a speed of 47 Mb / sec. I considered this a good result.

Orange supplied me with a new VGM 3927 router and problems started. The router could not connect to the DSL network! On the recommendation of a technician from Orange, I was to replace the router (the technician considered the router to be faulty).

I connected the router today and the other one could not connect to the DSL network. Technicians from the company operating the DSL network reduced the network frequency to 37Mb / sec.

I am not satisfied with this solution.

I do not understand why the older router 1312 works absolutely reliably and the new 3927 is able to work at a speed of 37Mb / sec.

I would like to get an answer: why doesn't the new router work as well as the old one? Is there a reason for that?

Well thank you


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