XGS1250-12 very very very slow

I have the above switch, connected to my network, the link to rest f the network is 1Gig

i have main desktop win 10 machine and a qnap 872 nas both connected on 10Gig ports and happily works for the past 2 -3 months

yesterday suddenly the windows machine and access to the nas became almost none existent

have done a factory reset on the switch, looked at the web interface for loops etc. tried different cables

any other suggestions?

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  • D_Shadow
    D_Shadow Posts: 16  Freshman Member
    Hi there,

    Basically, I won't reset the switch at the beginning.
    I'll do some testing on the end devices first, like directly connecting the win10 to NAS (do ping test or transfer a file), and what about the other devices connected to 1Gig, does it also have the slow problem? 

    Sorry, just curious, how did you determine that the problem is related to the switch?

  • if i take out the switch and replace with 1gig netgear unmanaged switch everything runs at sensible speed. not 10g speed but correct if that makes sense

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