VLAN-to-VLAN communicatons on same switch (NSW100) and NSG100

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Hi, I am completely stuck, I really hope somebody can help me with this.

So I have a big building with three companies in who want to share their printers. And I have a NSG100 and a NSW100.

So I have set up:

VLAN1 for management, switch port 1, subnet
VLAN81 - for company1, switch ports on NSW2-30, subnet
VLAN82 - for company2, switch ports on NSW31-38, subnet
VLAN83 - for company3, switch ports on NSW39-42, subnet
VLAN142 - for printers, switch ports on NSW43-48, subnet 

All VLANs are configured with DHCP-servers for their IP-range.

So when I connect my computer to the different ports on the NSW, they get the corresponding IP, which is correct and they get internet-access. Great.

But when I am on VLAN81/82/83, and try to ping the printer which is on VLAN142, with IP, I get "Request timed out". I CAN ping though, which is the router.

If I change the port of the computer to VLAN142, it CAN ping

What I am doing wrong? I have tried to enable/disable firewall rules, as well as static routing/policy routes - but nothing works. 

I have also tried to change the ports from ACCESS to TRUNK, and allow all VLANs to enter, but that doesnt help either.

Thank you for anyone who can help!


Accepted Solution

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    This was all my bad. The printers were set up with the wrong gateway, which needed to be

    No policy routes or security policies are required.

    The only thing required is to insert the VLANs in the interface and tag the corresponding ports on the switch.

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