4 steps to enjoy advanced ZYXEL services!

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4 steps to enjoy advanced ZYXEL services!

1. Where can I purchase the licenses?

Buy online directly

For Clients- Zyxel Marketplace

For Partners- Zyxel Circle

Learn more about Zyxel E-Commerce platforms

P.S. You may also find the above links from the upper right corner of any ZYXEL portal.

Find a Store near you Here!

2. Where can I register the licenses?

For a Nebula service, just register it in Nebula Control Center.

Navigate to Organization-wide > Configure > License & Inventory, click on the Action.

Picture 1. Device related service in Nebula

Navigate to My device & services for MSP license, click on the Register.

Picture 2. For MSP license in Nebula

Other services just register it in myZyxel.

Picture 3. License registration in myZyxel

3. Link/Associate the license to the device

The following license(s) could skip the step:

        ✕  Nebula MSP license 

Other licenses should be device-based; they need to link/associate to the device in myZyxel or Nebula as the following pictures show:

Picture 4. Link license in myZyxel

For Nebula, navigate to Organization-wide > Configure > License & Inventory > License, to select the licenses and click on the Action.

Picture 5. Link/Associate license in Nebula

Here is a wizard to help you assign the licenses into the devices.

Picture 6. Assign licenses wizard in Nebula

4. How to activate the license?

The license must be activated then you can start to use the service. Some licenses will automatically be activated once the payment is successful. If not,

A. For Nebula service, it could only be activated in Nebula Control Center.

  • For NCC service, if all your devices in the organization have enough license (every device should have a least one NCC license), you may see the “Upgrade now” button. Once you upgrade the organization successfully, all license will be activated automatically.

Navigate to Organization-wide > Configure > License & Inventory, click on the Upgrade now.

Picture 7. Activate license in Nebula


  • For UTM/Secure WiFi service, if you register a UTM license from NCC, it will be automatically activated in most cases.  If not, you may also activate it from NCC as below:

 Navigate to Organization-wide > Configure > License & Inventory, click on the Device tab and hover to the License info of the device.

Picture 8. Activate UTM/Secure WiFi license in Nebula

  • For MSP license, you need to activate it manually.

Navigate to My device & services for MSP license, click on the Activate of license.

Picture 9. Activate MSP license in Nebula

B. Activate in the device web GUI (Only for on-premises mode of Security gateway)

Login your device’s Web GUI, go to Configuration > Licensing > Registration > Service, click the Activate button to initiate the license.

Picture 10. Activate license in Device

After the service has been activated, please click the Service License Refresh button to update the Status.

Picture 11. Refresh service after activate license in Device

C. Activate in myZyxel

  1. Navigate to Device Management > My Device, click on the MAC Address hyperlink of your device.
  2. In the Linked Services tab click on Details button of the license.
  3. You opt to initiate the services license by clicking on Activate button.

Picture 12. Activate license in myZyxel

5. More information

Service & License Help Center