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Hi, have configured an ipsec tunnel between Usg 1000 and USG 300 firmware(3.30 AQE.7 ITS-WK48-r74988).Approximately once a week , the tunnel breaks and does not rise until both gateways disable-enable VPN Connect(Phase 2).There are no errors in the gateway logs.


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    When the issue occur,  Is the network connection still working?
    Also, please Enable Nailed-Up on VPN connection page.
    Go to Configuration>VPN>IPSec VPN>VPN connection> Press Show Advanced Setting>tick Nailed-UP

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    To monitor vpn connections, the connection is lost. In USG 1000 settings, the Nalied-UP setting is enabled(Application Scenario Site-to site is selected), and in USG 300 this setting is not available because Application Scenario Site-to-site with Dynamic Peer is selected.This is because on the USG 1000 - 3 side of the ISP and on the USG 300 - 2 side of the ISP.

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