Firmware Update issue on USG310 Device HA Pro

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We have on a Customer Site an Device HA Pro Solution with two USG310. Every Firmwareupdate since the Setup does not bring back the Backupdevice after Upgrade. The only Way to bring the both Devices to the same Firmware ist to break up the Device HA, reset the Backup Device, Upgrade both Devices an enable the HA again. Not the solution we expected. 

Anyone with the same Problem and maybe an Solution?

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    To make sure the HA-Pro can operate correctly, try to check below things before you deploy the HA-Pro environment

    1.     Backup the Device (Active role) current configuration.

    2.     Make sure the Device(Passive Role) is reset to default setting

    3.     On Device (Passive Role), the running firmware version must the same as the Another device.

    4.     On Device (Passive Role), the partition of running firmware must be the same position as the Another device.

    Check the below link to get more information.

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