How do I open ports on USG60W

I need to open ports TCP80, TCP443, UDP1194 on USG60W  for an External HOST Server on WAN1 to LAN1 subnet (whole internal network).

I can not use NAT as there is no server on the internal LAN subnet.

The External Server is going to HOST all services.


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  • mMontana
    mMontana Posts: 745  Guru Member
    The so called external host do not need USG60W to access internet... if i understood correctly your setup.
  • Ranbir08
    Ranbir08 Posts: 9
    No it does not, the said ports are needed for traffic between HOST and subnet
  • mMontana
    mMontana Posts: 745  Guru Member
    Please, @Ranbir08, could you create a small drawing for explaining what you need to do and the network structure?

    AFAIK nothing should be necessary for allowing one or more computers from LAN1 to reach any device on WAN side of the USG60W... Knock on the right hostname/ip into the software and that should work...
  • Ranbir08
    Ranbir08 Posts: 9
    USG60W is currently used for internet access only but now also needs to be open for the HOST server as our computers need the hosting services run from it.  
  • Ranbir08
    Ranbir08 Posts: 9
    As requested am posting a drawing of setup. I am new to this router and trying to get my head around to open ports, I just need a guide to setup objects and policy rules.
  • PeterUK
    PeterUK Posts: 1,389  Guru Member
    You likely need to do NAT if you have one WAN IP.

    What IP does the server needing these ports is? ? 

    If you have a WAN subnet you will need to set that up for LAN.
  • Blabababa
    Blabababa Posts: 142  Ally Member
    "I can not use NAT as there is no server on the internal LAN subnet." If so, how do those computers visit the internet? all the computers have public IPs or? Maybe you can mark the services/application/IP address into your topology or it's quite confusing. 
  • Zyxel_Jeff
    Zyxel_Jeff Posts: 307  Zyxel Employee

    According to the topology that you provided. 
    Could you describe in more detail to us? Which application or service you would like to deploy?
    Why the external host server use TCP80, TCP443, UDP1194 to access the LAN1 domain of USG60?
    Where is the session initiating side? is Remote Host Server or the computers at LAN1 domain?

  • chandan
    chandan Posts: 70  Ally Member

    Can you able to access internet in your PC after switch?
    Do you want to add the policy route for accessing the remote host server on the specific ports?

    Also please answer the question asked by @Zyxel_Jeff

  • Ranbir08
    Ranbir08 Posts: 9
    Can  I send details of the document sent to me by the Host service provider to indicate which ports
    are required to be opened on the USG60W

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