RF overload

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I am on my third vmg4927-b50a wireless DSL router.  They appear to be very susceptible to damaged caused by local RF from a ham radio transmitter operating nearby  (Router within 100 feet of rf source antenna.)  Is there any way to prevent this from happening?  


  • HouliCrab
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    According to my experience, should be check some info to you.
    Same problem on 3 devices? What kinds of damage? According to my personal experience, if is the device totally shut down and couldn't work, more likely to be a hardward or power issue. If is the wireless performance problem, then might have related to local RF.

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    Press the RESET button for about 5~10 seconds until the router Power LED indicator starts flashing, then you can release your hand. In the meantime, all of the router's LEDs will turn off, and that's normal because the router is rebooting itself. And wait until the bubble shooter Power LED and WiFi LED turn on again, you can try to enter the router GUI again.