AppPatrol to manage priority ?

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Hi guys,

During the latest webinar about security (Cyber Security Part 2), the speaker talked about AppPatrol which I have never used before. According to him, the 3 main purposes of AppPatrol are :
  1. Identifying applications
  2. Categorize apps
  3. Control Apps
In the control part, 3 possibilities :
  1. Prioritize
  2. Manage bandwidth
  3. Block

Can one tell me how to do that on Nebula (USG Flex 100) ? If I'm right, AppPatrol profiles, which contain selected applications, are applied to FW rules. So OK for blocking them, I can just create a rule to block traffic with that profile. But what about prioritization and bandwidth management ?

For example, I'm using Acronis Backup Cloud everyday and I would like to limit the upload bandwidth for it. How can I achieve this ? Same with Microsoft Teams for which I would like to give maximum priority.

Thanks a lot,


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