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On a switch (Zyxel GS1350-26HP), where Accespoints (NWA5123-AC) connected, i have sometimes errors.
The access points transmit two SSIDs that are assigned to two different VLANs.
Can someone narrow down the error more precisely? I didn't find anything through the log files.
The Switch is connected to a USG Flex 500, but this device works only as WLAN-Controller. Our central Gateway is a Watchguard.
Thank you in advance

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  • Zyxel_Adam
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    Kindly inform you that we've confirmed this is a displayed issue, and the issue is related to pause packet.
    We will help you to fix it and release a datecode firmware for you to test on next Tuesday via PM.

    Thanks for your patience.


  • Nebula_CSO
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    Hi @Nandalee

    Welcome to Zyxel Community!

    Have you changed another ethernet cable on this port to see if it can fix the error packet issue?
    Error packet usually comes from a bad quality cable or damaged cable, so please try to change to a new cable first.

    Hope it helps.

  • Nandalee
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    yes, I've already tried that.
    It affects all ports where access points connected.
  • Zyxel_Adam
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    Thanks for your answer.
    May we confirm with you that
    1. If error packet only happens on those ports connect to access points, the ports connect to your PC and USG FLEX have no error packet?
    2. Are those access points having service impact by showing error packet on switchports?

    As long as there is on service impact on your access points, I wonder the switch may have display issue.

    Could you please help us to collect tech support at Management > Maintenance > techsupport > All, to download, and PM it to me, thanks