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Greetings to all, I am beginning to know the firewall, and I am learning little by little, they already helped me to block web pages, now my question is, for example, a user can no longer see Facebook, but not to add all the network pages social, I could use the application patrol, as I do to use it to block everything that has to do with social networks, the same for videos or games. Thanks for any help.

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    Hi @sinmi  

    There are many ways to block specific website.

    In Content Filter profile, you can enter full URL or wildcard domain name into Forbidden WebSite setting.

    Or use App Patrol to block it.

    Add App Patrol and configures action as deny.

    After creating CF or App Patrol profile, you have to add profiles into policy control.

    Then traffic will scan by Content Filter and APP Patrol engine.

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