Firmware Updates - Release vs. Availability in Nebula

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How far behind is Nebula when it comes to device firmware updates?  For example, we have a couple USG FLEX devices that are running v5.00, and a couple days ago v5.02 was released.  When I view the various "Firmware Update" interfaces in Nebula (at the Organization and Site levels), the firmware status is "Up to date".

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  • Zyxel_Jonas
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    Hi @jesse_it,

    Sorry for the confusion.
    Generally, on-premise and Nebula firmware is consistent. 
    There is an exception for this one, I would like to inform that after the released of V5.00P2E1, we’ve found out a major vulnerability issue on on-premise which needs to release an urgent firmware (v5.02), but because USG flex on cloud (Nebula) is not affected by this vulnerability, we’ve decided not to upload the firmware v5.02 immediately, the purpose is not to let end user to firmware upgrade twice.
    We will have the firmware synchronized in next major firmware release.

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    Jonas, thank you - I wasn't sure if this vulnerability would affect a Nebula USG Flex's "Network Test Tools" login interface.

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