XGS1930-52HP Bug

Pook Posts: 75  Ally Member
Hey Team

Just to say there is a bug with these switches on Nebula, if you have the 10GB SFP ports set to DAC (local login setting) then on the Nebula portal you assign a standard port a VLAN tag the setting reverts back to SFP dropping the DAC connections.

Hopefully the SFP port modes will be able to be changed in Nebula on later release :-)

Accepted Solution

  • Zyxel_Adam
    Zyxel_Adam Posts: 105  Zyxel Employee
    edited July 13 Accepted Answer
    Hi @Pook,

    Kindly inform you that you are able to configure Media type: DAC 10G on XGS1930 port 25-28.
    Please check the screenshot below:

    For your scenario, as you configure port setting on switch local web GUI and then make the switch cloud mode and add VLAN tag, but keep media type as default. Switch original configuration will be override by switch configuration of NCC.
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