How to remove Hidden Network from wifi list?

How to remove Hidden Network from wifi list?

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    When Access Point broadcasting the Wi-Fi signal, it doesn't need to include its Wi-Fi name (although most of the time we create a name for easy identification). That's why we'll see the item "hidden network" on Win10's Wi-Fi list, which summarizes all unnamed Wi-Fi networks detected by your PC (so there might have several unnamed Wi-Fi networks behind that item ). 

    You can check SSID  setting under the directory: Access Point > Configure >  SSID Availability. Simply making sure the Visibility is set "Broadcast this SSID", So AP will broadcast the Wi-Fi signal with the configured name.

    After that, if you still see those "hidden network" items on your PC's Wi-Fi list, then those signals are broadcast by other Access Points in the environment, so we may need to find the owner and ask them to change their Access Point setting.

    One simple tip to deal with the hidden network is, disable the "auto-connect" to those SSID's. This way your device won't actively establish the connection to those unknown network that may exist security risk.

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