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dpipro Posts: 52  ZCNE Certified

it seems that the clone function is not available anymore. 
Is this issue related to the license plan?

Thank you

Best regards

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  • mMontana
    mMontana Posts: 246  Master Member
    If it looks like a ducks, it walks like duck, it quacks like a duck...
    Maybe it's a duck.

    Some call this "paywall". Not so nice from you zyxel... Because on USG devices i can mix&mojo the instructions to get to the configuration and "re-apply" whenever i want.

    But "paywalling" clone site feature... so rude.
  • Zyxel_Jonas
    Zyxel_Jonas Posts: 216  Zyxel Employee
    Hello @dpipro,

    Apology for the confusion.
    Just would like to inform that this feature is a license feature since day 1.
    I assume you were in a Trial org before, therefore, all PRO pack features are available to use.

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