Allow Us To select multiple AP and change the management vlan at the same time

businessuer Posts: 45  Freshman Member
Instead of changing management vlan for each AP individually. 
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  • Zyxel_Richard
    Zyxel_Richard Posts: 50  Zyxel Employee
    Hi businessuer,

    Please also provide a story/scenario for this case if possible.
    Generally speaking, we first finish Management VLAN settings on AP to make sure it can goes online.
    After that, the management VLAN is barely changed (especially changed in batch). So it will be highly appreciated if you can provide your case for us!

    Best Regards,
  • businessuer
    businessuer Posts: 45  Freshman Member
    I want all the management vlan of the APs in one plot to be changed to vlan 2. 
    For example. 
    This is because I have over a 100 APs. 
    I already logged case a long time ago but no action taken. 
  • Zyxel_Richard
    Zyxel_Richard Posts: 50  Zyxel Employee
    Thanks for providing your requirement! This case will go through our internal evaluation, we'll let you know once the schedule is determined!
  • Zyxel_Richard
    Zyxel_Richard Posts: 50  Zyxel Employee
    edited 9:10AM
    Hi Businessuer,

    We're still estimating about the implementation of this idea. Just thought about another idea and share it with you: 

    Is it possible for you to change the PVID on the access port of the switch? This way you just need to simply connect your AP to the switch, and nothing configuration needs to be changed.
    In the nebula, users can select multiple switch ports and change their PVID together, which can also achieve the same goal but don't need to change AP settings!
  • businessuer
    businessuer Posts: 45  Freshman Member
    Good day.
    Please give me the estimated schedule for this as well as the one to input name when doing mass import.

    It is true that i can change the PVID.
    but there will be native vlan mismatch if it is connected to multiple switch. 
    And the entire layer 2 domain needs to be changed.
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