VLANs not working on GS1900-8

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Hi Zyxel community,

I’m having trouble getting VLANs to work on my Zyxel GS1900-8.

In my (test) situation, the GS1900-8 has 2 ports connected:

  • On port 1, it’s connected to my Asus router with (highly configurable) Fresh tomato firmware. I have 2 VLAN’s on that router; VLAN2 and VLAN3. Those VLANS works fine together with a Zyxel NAP102 Wireless AP that's also connected to the ASUS router.
  • On port 4, my Windows10 laptop.

Hardware/cables etc are fine because the 'default' situation works; if I configure the ASUS router to send untagged packages to port 1 of the Zyxel GS1900-8, and set the GS1900-8 to it’s default VLAN1 and all ports in the ‘untagged’ section.  

Then I tried to set up VLANs by configuring:

  • the ASUS router to send tagged VLAN2 and VLAN3 packages to the GS1900-8
  • the GS1900-8 as follows: VLAN2 settings: port 1 (the Asus router) = ‘Tagged’, Trunk enabled, port 4 (my laptop) = untagged and Trunk disabled, all other ports ‘Excluded’.

However it doesn't work; f.i. from my laptop on port 4, I can’t ping the ASUS router on port 1, when I would expect them to connect via VLAN2.

Have I misconfigured something? Or could it be possible that the packaged tagged by the ASUS router aren’t compatible with the GS1900-8? The ASUS router works fine with the Zyxel NAP102 though…


 I would highly appreciate your help, I've spent several hours so far, with nog success…

 Regards, John

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