VMG3925-B10B Maximum number of login account has been reached.

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Hello, I can't to logging to my modem, This message appear "Maximum number of login account has been reached."

And I don't want to restart or shutting the modem because we work 24/7 

Modem: VMG3925-B10B

Please help.

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  • Ive got the same question can i do anything about this :- Maximum number of login account has been reached on a XMG3927-B50A

  • I get the same message as well.  A reboot of the router will allow logins again.  I am reluctant to do this because i am told that our connection is monitored, and will see the brief loss and adjust our connection settings, usually in lower speeds.  

    So any way to fix without a reboot would be great.


  • yes I can not understand why you cannot adjust or cancel this via web portal. It just seems to be forgot about in firmware upgrades. As I go into the router settings alot now (parental control) its something I would like sorted ASAP

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