Cross-LAN to share a single printer/scan

I need to share a single printer in 2 different LAN created under the zyxel usg20-vpn.

The printer is on LAN1 with IP ADDRESS.

I create the object "PRINTER, host,"

I make a secury policy:
from lan2
to lan1,
source ANY
destinantion PRINTER

but it do not ping and do not work from LAN2.

thanks a lot for your help

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  • PeterUK
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    Are you pinging by IP?

    Do you have Use IPv4 Policy Route to Overwrite Direct Route checked in routing? uncheck it
  • Zyxel_Cooldia
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    Welcome to Zyxel Community.  :)
    Did you set up gateway on printer?
    Without gateway setting on printer, it is unable to routing back from lan1 to lan2.
  • tyler779
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    I tried to set gateway on printer.nothing it do not work.
    I cannot ping the printer from lan2
    there is an user manual where to find some screenshoots that show how to do? 


  • mMontana
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    Whoa... kudos and (healthy) envy for such a so big screen, dude :-)

    Another way might be a 1:1 nat among networks...
  • lalaland
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    Can you see ICMP request & reply on Lan 2 interface?
    Packet capture:
    Router> packet-trace interface lan2 extension-filter icmp

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