USG20-VPN Won't finish 4.20 Firmware Upload

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We have waited over 24hours and our USG20-VPN is still doing the "Firmware Upload in Progress"  What are the remedies to get this installed.  We can't get to the most recent firmware until this one is installed per your insructions.  Help.....

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    Are you using Firefox, @EasySSLLC ? If the answer is yes, you should be able to open a new tab and try again.
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    Hi @EasySSLLC,


    What was the previous firmware version when you were upgrading to v4.20?


    Please open a new incognito tab using your browser and access to your USG20-VPN and check if the firmware upgrade is finished successfully.


    Also, connect with a console cable to your USG20-VPN.

    On your terminal application(Tera Term/Putty) change speed to 115200.

    Login to your USG20-VPN, execute the following command and post the output into this forum topic:


    Router> show version

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