Port Forwarding but own IP device not shown (Zyxel ARMOR G5 AX6000 NBG7815)

I bought and set up the router. However, my servers are not recognized in the network. But I can access it. Now I would like to do a port forwarding. However, you can only select the devices that are displayed under "device list". My server and my Synology Nas are not listed there. How can I still do port forwarding on these devices?

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    Well I call that a oversight bug how did Zyxel not think of this problem when its been years and years of routers needing you to put a IP in for Port Forwarding. Is their no user defined option? Their needs to be.

    Is your your server and Synology Nas set to DHCP? What if you add a a static DHCP in LAN and see if that lets you Port Forward.

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    The problem has already been solved. But thanks for the answer.

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