How to upgrade the firmware of your cloud managed devices in Nebula Control Center?

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When a new firmware is released and ready for download, all devices in your site will upgrade its firmware on the “Upgrade Time” (default is Monday 2am) indicated in your Firmware Management page. Furthermore, devices that will undergo firmware upgrade will display “upgrade available” in its firmware status column.

In Site-wide > Configure > Firmware management, there are several different ways to upgrade firmware:
1. Upgrade time: All devices in this site will do the upgrade in the specific time.

2. Site schedule upgrade: user can specify different product line (AP, switch, or gateway) to upgrade in the different times.

3. Upgrade now: User can upgrade a specific device, immediately.

4. Per device schedule upgrade : User can specify different device to upgrade with different schedules.

In pop-up window there are 3 different options,: 
• follow up the site-wide upgrade time as the global
• upgrade on a specific day (if available)
• a specific time schedule