EMG3525-T50B: single laptop can not connect to wifi

Router: EMG3525-T50B firmware V5.50(ABPM.2)H0
Problem Laptop: ASUS, windows 10 x64 19042.1110 with Intel Dual Band Wireless AC 7265
When I connect to the zyxel router with wifi, it says "cant connect to this network"
I can connect to it with a LAN cable

The wifi network on the device is working fine except for one laptop.
Other laptops and mobile devices can connect to wifi okay.
The problem laptop can connect to other wifi devices okay.
If I reset the router, the ASUS can connect, but will lose connection, sometimes after a few minutes, sometimes after a few hours.
After the ASUS has disconnected, it can not reconnect without restarting the router.

Things I have tried:
In windows, under Network & internet settings > Network Reset.
At command prompt: netsh winsock reset
also, ipconfig /release , ipconfig /renew
I've reinstalled network drivers
Created a new AP with a different name
Tried 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz
Tried DHCP and fixed IP address
Tried disabling IP6

If I have ping running while connecting, 1 packed will get through when it connects, but then after that the following packets fail with "destination host unreachable"
If DHCP is enabled, the laptop will be assigned an IP address

The problem has been impossible to find because making changes on the router usually restarts the wifi on the router and then the laptop can connect, only to fail the following morning again.

I don't see any related errors in the windows logs or router logs

any ideas?

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