VMG8825-T50 - Unable to Port Forward

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Hi, I'm hoping I can get some help with this. I've been struggling to forward ports on my router. I've done a lot of Googling and haven't found a solution and come across many other who have the same problem.

I've done/tried:
  • Created a port forward rule in the router
  • Placed my desktop in the DMZ
  • Ensured that UPnP is on
  • Tried lowering the Firewall setting to Low to allow WAN to LAN (and then reset)
  • Opened the port in my Windows Firewall and checked it's open
But still nothing :s Can anyone please help?

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  • jwar01
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    SAME ISSUE did you fix it?
  • tonygibbs16
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    Hello @JimmyF

    Have you asked your ISP if they allow port forwarding through from the Internet to your Router or not?

    If your ISP say no port forwarding allowed, unless you pay for a static IP address broadband service, then no changes on your Zyxel device or Windows clients will fix it.

    Kind regards,
  • tonygibbs16
    tonygibbs16 Posts: 380  Master Member
    jwar01 said:
    SAME ISSUE did you fix it?
    Hello @jwar01

    You may have the same problem that you need an ISP who will provide you with port forwarding capability and you might need a static IP address.

    Your ISP might want to charge you extra for port forwarding and static IP address or they might not.

    If your ISP says no port forwarding from the Internet, unless you pay extra got it, then no amount of configuration on your Zyxel router will resolve it.

    Kind regards,

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