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I am a managed service provider. Recently my company inherited 2 - GS1920-48HP switches, 1 - NAP203, 1 - NWA1123-ACv2 and 4 - WAC6303D-S access points. Upon registering on the site, setting up an account for my clients company I tried to register the devices I inherited. I receive a message "Device has already been registered" Is there any way to determine who it was registered to/by and subsequently transfer the registration to my clients account on Zyxel? I need to be able to do this so I can manage my clients WiFi etc. Thanks in advance -- JordanHamilton

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    I suggest to use our APP "Nebula Mobile" can see the "+" button in the lower right side and scan the QR code on device cover, device should be add to the org.

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