Zyxel XMG3927-B50A setting LAN interface to bridged mode

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I'm trying to set a couple LAN interfaces to bridged mode, what I need to do? So far, I have created two new WAN interfaces in bridged mode and then I created two interface groups selecting the newly created WAN interfaces as WAN interfaces and selected the LAN interfaces. Then I rebooted the device.

I have VDSL2 connection.

Images to explain what I did.

When I connected to LAN1, I didn't get a connection.

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    According to the images, it seems these two bridge WANs have VLAN.
    Not sure if your LAN devices could aware VLAN tags or not.
    Maybe it is the reason that you can't get the connection.  
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    I can't create a new WAN interface without specifying both the 802.1p and 802.1q. It says the VLAN is repeat if I don't specify them.
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    I ended up setting the whole VDSL interface to bridged mode, not just some LAN ports. I had to disable the DHCP server too.

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