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Hello, as my screen name should Indictate I'm new to the Zyxel products and I have a couple questions I cant find answers to on youtube.

Recently my house was affected by lightning and took out my phone, printer, a/c, cable modem, and Netgear wifi router so I am in the process of "upgrading" during replacement and I have no idea how this equipment goes together or what I need. I currently have a XGS1930-28HP (and just before the incident got a XGS1930-28) and just received a NWA110AX (I'm at work now and it's in front of me) but dont know if that is all I need or if I still need some kind of router for the dhcp, port forwarding, DNS/Gateway, etc work.

If someone could point me to a list of what I would need for what and a basic of how it should be set up I'd truly appreciate it.

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    Our AP can act as a DHCP Server through a function "NAT Mode", you can check the detail introduction from the link below.
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    But generally speaking, APs just forward the packets between connected wireless devices and its gateway, and don't support further advanced gateway functions like you mentioned (port forwarding, advanced NAT setting....).

    So if you need functions more than assigning IP address on AP, I recommend you to prepare another gateway for these advanced functions. Meanwhile the AP can be simply used for providing wireless signal for network access. (And you don't even need to set NAT mode mentioned before, just set the Wi-Fi name on it)

    Zyxel also provides complete models of security gateway and router, which not only provides the Router function, but also provides additional security feature to protect your network from being attacked by other incidents. Welcome to have a check in our official website if you're interested in our models!

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