[NEBULA] How to use NAT mode on AP?

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Where to find: Access point > Configure > Authentication > NAT mode

Function description: NAT mode is used to have the AP create a DHCP subnet with its own NAT for the SSID. Provide minimum hardware requirement for Wi-Fi of small shop/café
If AP management IP address is NOT part of “”, SSID subnet becomes “”.
If AP management IP address is part of “”, SSID subnet becomes “”

Scenario: Enable NAT mode on the SSID which is proivded for Guest usage.

1. Go to Access point > Configure > SSID overview. Add to SSID as "Wi-Fi" . Then click "Edit".

2. Configure the authentication here, and enable "NAT mode". 

3. Click "Back", then click "Save".

Successful Log.

1. The following AP features do not work when NAT mode is on.
    a. 802.11r
    b. Layer2 isolation
    c. Dynamic VLAN(cloud authentication, RADIUS server)
2. When NAT mode is enabled on non-supported models, Nebula CC does not show any error message. And non-supported models disable any SSID with NAT mode enabled
3. The IP address lease time is 8 hours.