NAP 203 not connecting to internet

I have a NAP 203 that was working fine last night but will not connect to the internet now. Tried managing it under my profile but cannot connect to it. What do I do? 

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    Hi @Mhoogeve

    1. Please first connect your Laptop to the LAN port of NAP203, testing if it can access the Internet. (If not, it might the cable source loss the Internet connection)

    2. If it can access the Internet, please open the "cmd" and type the command "nslookup" and see if there's result as below:

    (If you don't see this information, the AP fail goes online due to the DNS issue, so you can change the DNS server of your network to 

    3. If the above tests are all good, please reboot your AP, and check if it goes online

    4. If still shows offline on the Nebula, please let us know how your network devices are connected, and is there any additional settings on them for traffic control purpose. Then we can further check next steps for diagnostic this issue.

    P.S. If possible, please also let us know the Organization/Site information of you NCC, and enable the zyxel support function on it!

    Best Regards,

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