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It's quick and easy to assign a management VLAN ID for the Nebula switches, but it seems to be different for the AP's.  Is setting the LAN1 port PVID the only way to do it?  That seems like it would cause some issues for the default VLAN.

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    Hi TAP Tech,

    To set the management VLAN of the AP, simply select an AP in the list of [Access Point > Monitor > Access Points] to enter its detail page. After that, you can see it's management VLAN settings.

    By clicking the edit button, you can then configure its management VLAN settings

    The LAN1 setting that you see is located in another page [Access Point > Configure > AP&Port settings], which is used to configure other APs that have additional LAN ports, not for the management VLAN of AP itself.

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    That's where it is!  Thank you so much  :)

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