How to Activate Zyxel Cloud Email Security

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CES License behaviors are as follows:

Trial License

  • If the user purchased the standard service before the free trial period has expired, the remaining trial period will be upgraded to the standard service.

Standard License

  • If the user purchased the same standard service before the existing standard service has expired, the remaining days of new purchased service will be carried to the existing service.
  • Renew another different standard service with additional users before the existing standard service is over. The new service will be activated after the existing service expires. If you need to activate the service immediately, please contact us.

How to activate CES trial license

Step1: Sign in at [myZyxel] > Cloud Service > Cloud Email Security

Step2: Create Customer/Organization > Click Next

Step3: Click “Link” in Add License

Step4: Click “Confirm”

Step5: Congratulation! Activation successful!

How to renew CES standard license

(1) Registration 

Step1: Sign in at [myZyxel] > Cloud Service > “License Registration”

Step2: Insert License Key > “Submit”

Step3: Registered successfully


(2) Activation

Step4: myZyxel > Click Cloud Service > “Unlinked Licenses”

Step5: Select License and “Confirm”

Step6: You can see overview information in “CES Information” or more details in” Linked License”

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