USG Flex 700 @ 1Gbps

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I have the above on a FTTP 1 Gbps internet connection but can only get around 520Mbps with UTM enabled. Speed rises to around 700Mbps with all security disabled but this appliance is rated @ 1350Mbps so something is wrong. Anti-Malware is in Express mode!

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  • Zyxel_Charlie
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    The throughput will be affect when you enable the Firewall or UTM profiles.
    Since the firewall need to check and analyze each packet, therefore,  it will consume numerous performance.

    Also, disable traffic statistic, and BWM since it could effect the throughput as well.(On-Premise)

    On the datasheet, the maximum [email protected] is measured based on (1,460-byte HTTP packets) and test done by multiple pairs.(Wan and Lan are one pair)

  • Pook
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    Thanks Charlie, where can I disable Traffic statistics and what is BWM?
  • Pook
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    I have another Flex 700 arriving today to go on another site that has a 1Gbps connection. I will run some speed tests and update the results here.