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We have a Zyxel AX7501-B0 and our TV in the meetingroom is using a Chromecast device that was working with our previous router. We did a factory reset on the Chromecast before changing the router. Once the AX7501-B0 was installed and everything was up and running, we tried to activate the Chromecast again, but  it is impossible to get the device working because when I try to connect my Chromecast with WiFi it doesn't connect, any idea on how I could fix that?

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    Hello @benni347

    The following article might help you, , as it seems like ChromeCast can only support one WiFi network at a time.
        - so you probably need to make your Chromecast device forget your old WiFi network.
                 - then you might be able to make it connect to your new router.

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  • benni347
    Hello @tonygibbs16

    Thanks for your response. As it turned out, we had a Raspi running in the network, which also served as a DHCP server.
    After turning it off, all is working well.


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