VMG1312-B10D - could not access the GUI, but a power cycle restored it.

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Hello all,

My faithful VMG1312-B10D router did a funny thing this week.

I could still access my broadband and the Internet via WiFi in 2.4 GHz band but I could not access the GUI via WiFi.
    - I did not try to access the GUI via the Ethernet LAN ports.

It is running firmware 5.13(AAXA.10)C0 dated June 2019.

I power cycled the router and now I can access the GUI via WiFi again. I did not have to do a factory reset.

Is this a known issue? Will it ever be fixed?
     - I can probably live with it, as a power cycle recovers it without a factory reset.

Kind regards,

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  • SEJ
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    Not very sure if you still have the problem?
    In your post, VMG1312 is normal after power cycle, do you mean you can't access GUI via WIFI after some time again?
  • tonygibbs16
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    Hi @SEJ

    Thanks very much for your reply. I am back working following the power cycle.

    I just wanted to see if anyone else had experienced it.

    Kind regards, Tony

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