ALG Configuration to NCC

ZeRicardoZeRicardo Member Posts: 12  Freshman Member
Is possible to configure ALG over SSH session, but if the device is rebooted, is necessary reconfigure manually. It is important to add this feature on NCC.


  • BroncoBronco Member Posts: 14  Freshman Member
    did you type the "write" command to save configurations? 
  • Nebula_BarneyNebula_Barney Zyxel Offical Agent Posts: 79  Zyxel Employee
    Hello @ZeRicardo

    Way ahead of you! I created a feature request for "SIP ALG on Nebula CC" shortly after closing your ticket.

    But just to be clear, power failures or manually rebooting the NSG via Nebula CC will NOT cause the ALG configurations to disappear from the running configurations.

    We are aware of only two reasons this configuration will disappear:
    - Holding down the physical reset button to return to factory default settings.
    - Removing/Transferring the NSG from one Organization to another.

    Barney Gregorio

  • Nebula_BayardoNebula_Bayardo Zyxel Support Campus Agent Posts: 225  Zyxel Employee

    Hi @ZeRicardo

    SIP ALG is currently support from the last firmware and NCC upgrade in January ?

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