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Sometimes the provider have a problem but the Ethernet interface on NSG don't goes down. In this situation the site access will be degraded and the workaround is disconnect the interface cable for the NSG work with only one provider.

One important feature is the NSG can test in regular basis the reachability and performance of each WAN connection. If the response is fail or degraded the interface is on idle state until return to normal state.


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    Hi @ZeRicardo

    Based on your feedback, we think this is a great idea and we've now added this feature in our recent phase 4 update, the NSG is now capable of performing regular ping checks for WAN failover detections. 

    You can configure the it in Interface addressing page , find WAN connectivity check at the bottom of the page.
    Do remember to upgrade the NSG firmware to the latest to support these new features.

    We hope you like this implementation, enjoy!  B)

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    this is really useful.
    you guys are really adding a lot of features recently. excellent !!
    keep up the good work ~~

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