How to establish Hub and Spoke VPN between Nebula Devices (USG FLEX & NSG)?

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In the Hub-and-Spoke VPN topology, there is a VPN connection between each spoke router and the hub router, which uses the VPN concentrator. The VPN concentrator routes VPN traffic between the spoke routers and itself.

Scenario: Setup Hub and Spoke VPN between USG FLEX and NSG devices under the same organization.

1. Configure Hub and Spoke VPN on devices.
(Configure > Security gateway > Site-toSite VPN)

2. Select correct outgoing interface and toggle "Use VPN" on local interface that needs to be added to VPN tunnel.

3. Enable Nebula VPN and choose Hub-and-Spoke for Nebula VPN topology.

(If you would not like to establish a VPN tunnel between spokes, keep it as disabled.)

4. Repeat step 1 to step 3 for all sites.

5. Check VPN connection result on Hub and spokes.
(Monitor > Security gateway > VPN connections)
Note: If you would like to build a Site to Site VPN in different organizations, please refer to this post.